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Cycling Jeju Island: From coastal paths to testing climbs

A fun way to explore the island.


Bike with sanbangsan and hallasan

Jeju is a great place for cycling. It has something for everyone, whether you’re a beginner wanting to go for a leisurely cycle around one of the flat coastal paths, or an experienced rider wanting to tackle the hilly areas inland.

Each path is elevated thanks to the incredible scenery of the island that you’ll find on each trip. In this article we’ll take a look at some of the best cycle routes on Jeju, as well as look at practical considerations like how to rent a bike on Jeju and how to get your get to Jeju.

Jeju Fantasy Bicycle Path

The most popular place to cycle on Jeju is around the coast. There’s actually a cycle route–known as Jeju Fantasy Bicycle Path–that takes riders all the way around the circumference of the island. In total, the path is 234 km and it’s split into 10 different sections, each coming in at around 20 to 30 kilometers.

The route is super easy to follow, thanks to the blue line on the road that directs cyclists along the path. There are also plenty of signs to keep you in the right direction. And of course, as you’ll on the coast, you’re never far away from the path even if you do take a slight miss turn.

Jeju cycle tip 🚲

You can see all the bike paths and the exact route they take on Kakao Maps. Search for “bike path” with Jeju Island in the display and then click on the path you want to follow. Zoom in to see the exact route each path takes.

Photo: Screenshots from Kakao Maps

To make the most of your trip, cycle anti-clockwise around the island. This ensures that you’ll be cycling on the bike path going in the same direction as the traffic. You’ll also have views of the coast with the road getting in the way.

The bike path itself has sections that are both bike lanes on roads as well as on wide pavements meaning you share some parts with pedestrians. The path is suitable for all kinds of bikes, and you’ll see everything from road bikes, to mountain bikes, and even foldable Bromptons.

As a coastal path, most of the routes are quite flat. Although, there are some climbs. The section along Aewol Coastal Road on the northwest of the island is especially notable due to its climbs. I recently did the entire path and my exercise tracking app showed that the total was around 1,454 meters of elevation gain across the entire journey.

The other factor that make your journey more challenging is the wind. Jeju is an island known for it’s wind and it can have a real impact on how easy your cycle. I’ve had cycles where I’ve turned a corner and suddenly been hit by the wind and had to seriously struggle through until it died down again.

Jeju’s best cycle routes

Cycling the entire circumference of the island is a fun experience and a great way to see all Jeju’s coast has to offer.

It’s highly recommended if you’re into cycling and there are plenty of guesthouses and hotels along the way you can stop off at. How long the cycle takes will depend entirely on your fitness and the number of stops you want to make along the way.

If you don’t have time to do the entire journey, you can choose a spot to cycle from. Most paths have their highlights, but my favorites are:

Jeju coastal bike route 3

Chagwido Bike
Photo: Chagwido Island as seen from route 3 of the Jeju Fantasy Bicycle Path.

This is a 35 km course along the westernmost part of Jeju. It’s one of the quietest areas of the island with plenty of flat roads in good condition, making it a great place to build it some momentum. You also get spectacular views of Chagwido Island, Sanbangsan Mountain, and even Hallasan Mountain when the weather is clear.

The trail officially runs from Haegeoreum Village Park to Songaksan Mountain. However, I would extend this slightly and go from Hyeopjae Beach to Sanbangsan Mountain if you have time, as these are two of Jeju’s most popular sites.

Jeju coastal bike route 8

Pyeongdae Beach with Bike
Photo: Pyeongdae Beach with bike.

Route 8 starts at Seongsan Ilchulbong Peak and winds along the island’s east coast for 29 km until you hit Gimnyeong Beach.

You pass some beautiful beaches along the way, including Hado Beach, Saehwa Beach, Pyeongdae Beach, and Woljeong Beach. Not only do these spots provide nice views, but both Pyeongdae and Woljeong are filled with cafes where you can rest and refuel.

Jeju 1100 Goji: Jeju’s highest road

1100 goji bike
Photo: Evidence that I made it to the highest road on Jeju 😅.

So far, we’ve only spoken about Jeju’s coastal route, as this is the most accessible part of the island to cycle. But for more advanced cyclists, the inner island is where the fun really starts. As Jeju is a volcanic island, the interior is full of challenging climbs.

The most famous is the cycle to 1100 Goji. At 1,100 meters, this is the highest road on Jeju and also one that enters Hallasan Mountain Nation Park. The climb has several ups and downs so the actual amount you climb will be more than 1,100 meters. I started in Jeju City at around 100 meters above sea level and returned home having climbed around 1,337 meters.

The 1,110 Goji road is relatively quiet and, other than the pain from the climb, is an enjoyable cycle. The 1,110 Goji is also on a road that that goes around the circumference of Hallasan Mountain and it’s possible to cycle all the way around. The section of road from Seogwipo City side of the Island to Jeju City side of the island tends to have much more traffic and where there is plenty of space for most of the cycle, there are sections where there is less room.

Getting a bike to Jeju

Getting your bike to Jeju is relatively straightforward, however, you decide to come. If you travel by plane and have your own bike bag, you can check it in as checked luggage.

If you don’t have a bike, some airlines will even let you rent a bike bag bike that you pick up at the airport. Hit this link to find out more information about the service as provided by Jeju Air.

Another option is to visit Jeju by ferry and bring your bike on the ferry. I’ve never done this but I know people who have done so without any trouble.

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Renting a bike on Jeju

If you don’t want to bring your own bike to Jeju, you can rent one on the island. While there are plenty of options, Bike Trip has an English-language website which makes it easy for visitors to use.

The shop is located near to Jeju International Airport, which is perfect if you want to pick up your bike and start riding straight away. They also offer a bike delivery service where you can choose to have you bike rental delivered to different locations on the island. This is perfect if you want to cycle around a specific part of Jeju.

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