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What to buy in Jeju: Top souvenirs to remind you of your trip

11 fun, stylish, and tasty Jeju reminders.


What better way to get a reminder of your trip to Jeju than stocking up on Jeju souvenirs? The island has plenty of shops selling fun, tasty, and stylish things to buy that will keep the memory of your trip fresh for a long time to come.

In this article, I’ve listed 11 of the best things to buy in Jeju. Use this as a taster for the type of things you can buy when on the island.

Jeju mandarin bucket hats

Photo: Jeju hats

Head to anywhere tourist location on Jeju and you’re sure to see people wearing bright orange Jeju mandarin-themed bucket hats.

These hats both look cool and fun while also having the double benefit of keeping the sun off your face and neck during the heat. The best thing? You can buy them in pretty much any tourist location on the island.

Jeju mandarins

Jeju Mandarin Dongmun Market
Photo: Mandarin oranges at Dongmun Traditional Market

While on the mandarin theme, don’t just stick with hats: try some of the fruits if you get a chance.

The most common fruits are the small Jeju mandarin and the large Hallabong which are notable due to the distinctive bump at the stalk. But for a real treat, hunt out some of the newly developed varieties such as Hwangeumhyang, Redeuhyang, and Cheonhyehyang which tend to be sweeter and juicier than the other kinds.

Mandarins are in season during the winter months. Outside of this time, you’ll have to make do with one of the many mandarin-flavored treats. Look for anything from dehydrated fruits to tarts, juice and more!

Osulloc tea

Photo: Osulloc homepage

Osulloc is a premium tea brand that uses tea from plants grown on Jeju. The main tea plantation is on Jeju’s southwest and you can actually visit the fields as well as head to the area’s tea museum, shop, and cafe to sample the tea yourself.

You can buy black and green tea, as well as plenty of interesting creations blended with the likes of papaya, camellia flowers, and, of course, Jeju tangerines. The shop at the tea fields sells plenty of tea you can take home. The brand also has a store on Amazon you can access via the link below.

Buy on Amazon

Island Project t-shirts

Photo: Island Project

Island Project is a Jeju clothing brand that specializes in campus-style t-shirts. I like this brand because they have lots of fun designs using both symbols of the island like haenyeo and dolharubang as well as some non-Jeju-related designs. I had a t-shirt emblazoned with black pork noodles from this brand and I was very happy with both the fit and the quality of the t-shirt.

If you want to get your own, the brand has four shops throughout Jeju at the following locations, as well as a website.


  1. Gu Jeju: eju-si, Jeonnong-ro 29
  2. Silla Duty-free: Jeju-si, Noyeon-ro 69, 2nd floor
  3. Seongsan: Seogwipo-si, Seongsan-eup, Ilchul-ro 270-8
  4. Shinhwa World: Seogwipo-si, Andeok-myeon, Sinhwayeoksa-ro 304beon-gil 98


Innisfree cosmetics

Source: Innisfree homepage

Cosmetics brand Innisfree creates products with ingredients from Jeju. The brand is owned by the same company as Osulloc tea so this means you’ll get plenty of serums, masks, and creams made with green tea.

But you can also buy items infused with Jeju nature including cherry blossoms, volcanic clusters, orchids and more. Innisfree has locations in Jeju City and Seogwipo, just search “Innisfree” on Kakao or Naver maps to find them.

The brand also has a website with international shipping if you want to stock up before or after your trip to Jeju.


Udo peanuts

If you make a visit to Udo Island, be sure to stock up on some Udo peanuts. These peanuts are harvested on the island and are the perfect souvenir as they can be packed up and travel well.

If you don’t want to take the peanuts home, you can always try some delicious peanut ice cream or bingsu while visiting the island.

Dried pork

Jeju Belmi sells dried pork jerky made from Jeju black pigs. The snacks come in various flavors including garlic, chilli pepper, and cilantro. You can buy these snacks at three popular Jeju locations: Jeju Dongmun Market, Seogwipo Maeil Olle Market, and Hyeopjae Beach.

Jeju snacks

Photo: Various kinds of Jeju tarts

There are Jeju-themed snacks on sale throughout the island including at the many tourist shops and the traditional markets.

I quite like the Jeju mandarin tarts in the image above. If you want a more traditional snack that is unique to Jeju, look for gwazeul. This is a kind of hardened Hallabong mandarin honey covered in popped rice, is a more traditional treat that is unique to Jeju.

Photo: Gwajeul is a Hallabong snack unique to Jeju

Dolharubang statue

Photo: Mini dolharubang statue

When walking around Jeju you won’t help but notice giant stone statues of dolharubang. These are a symbol of Jeju and were originally placed outside gates to offer protection to the people inside. While it’s tough to fit a full-sized one in your suitcase, you’ll find smaller version for sale in souvenir shops all around the island.

Take one home and at worst you’ll have a nice reminder of your Jeju travels, and at best your home will have some extra protection. My mum brought one back the first time she visited Jeju and I can say that they’ve been well-protected ever since!

Any number of cute themed items

When travelling to sure you’re sure to come across some of the many shops selling cute touristy items representing symbols of Jeju. Look out for symbols like haenyeo divers, mandarins and dolharubang statues.

These shops have pretty much everything from stationery and candles to bags, mugs, glasses and more. I bought two dolharubang-themed beer glasses last time I was at one of these stores, but the best thing for you will depend on your interests.

Jeju Makgeolli and Hallasan Soju

Photo: Jeju soju gift set

Jeju Makgeolli and Hallasan Soju are both rice-based alcohols that are made on Jeju. Jeju Makgeolli is the one I would recommend you try.

At around 6% alcohol it’s much weaker than soju and can be slowly sipped and enjoyed when eating with Korean food. It has a slight natural carbonation and an almost milk-like appearance with a flavor that’s both sweet, smooth and refreshing, and ever-so-slightly sour. I like it because it’s so different to any other kind of alcoholic drink I’ve tried before. I’m not sure how it would survive on a plan journey home, but it’s definitely worth seeking out while on the island.

Hallasan Soju, on the other hand, is a rice spirit. At 21% it’s strong but still significantly weaker than drinks like vodka or whisky, which makes it possible to drink while eating black pork BBQ. There’s also a slightly weaker version that comes in at a still potent 17%. Soju will travel a lot better than makgeolli, however, and you can buy cool sets that also come with Jeju-themed shot glasses like in the image above.

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