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Jeju Island statistics: The province in numbers

All you ever wanted to know about the island

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This article contains a list of Jeju statistics alongside the sources. I’ve included the most recent numbers available at the time of publishing.

As explained further down the article, the Jeju Island Tourism statistics are from 2022, a year still impacted by the pandemic. I’ll add 2023 stats as soon as they are available.

What is the population of Jeju?

  • The population of Jeju-do is 676,317 as of September 2023 (Statistics Korea).
  • 492,348 people live in Jeju-si on the north side of the island
  • 183,969 people live in Seogwipo-si on the south side of the island

How many foreigners live on Jeju Island?

  • 23,591 foreigners live on Jeju Island as of July 2023 (Jeju-si)
  • 15,262 of these people live in Jeju-si
  • 8,329 of these people live in Seogwipo-si
  • Jeju had the highest number of foreigners per 1,000 residents of all the 17 major regions of Korea in 2019 (Statistics Korea via The Korea Herald)

Jeju tourism statistics

In 2022, Jeju was still feeling the impact of the pandemic on the travel numbers. While domestic tourists figures weren’t affected much, and in fact actually increased (Jeju had the highest number of domestic tourismts ever in 2019 and 2022), the number of foreign tourists reduced drastically.

The biggest difference came from the number of Chinese tourists visiting the island. While under 10,000 visited in 2022, it’s likely that more than 300,000 Chinese tourists will visit the island in 2023.

How many people visit Jeju Island?

  • 13,889,502 people visited Jeju in 2022 (Jeju Tourism Association).
  • 13,803,058 of 2022’s visitors were domestic tourists, the highest number ever, and surpassing the 13.56 million domestic visitors who came to the island in 2019 (Jeju Tourism Association).
  • 86,444 million foreign tourists visited Jeju in 2022 (Note: This year was significantly impacted by the pandemic and the number will be much higher in 2023. As of September, 470,156 foreign tourists have visited Jeju in 2023)

Why do people visit Jeju Island?

  • 9,984,713 people visited Jeju for recreation and sightseeing in 2022 (Jeju Tourism Association)
  • 1,328,211 people visited Jeju for leisure and sports
  • 1,076,554 people visited Jeju for conferences and business
  • 1,080,724 people visited Jeju for visiting friends and relatives
  • 130,251 people visited Jeju for education
  • 202,605 people visited Jeju for other reasons

Where are people who visit Jeju from?

  • 12,870 people visited Jeju from Singapore in 2022 (Jeju Tourism Association)
  • 12,597 people visited Jeju from Thailand
  • 12,387 people visited Jeju from USA
  • 9,891 people visited Jeju from China (In 2023, 243,238 Chinese tourists have visited the island as of September)
  • 3,385 people visited Jeju from Malaysia
  • 3,213 people visited Jeju from Japan
  • 2,646 people visited Jeju from Thaiwan
  • 1,535 visited Jeju from Hong Kong
  • 1,324 visited Jeju from Vietnam
  • 1,202 people visited Jeju from Indonesia
  • 8,992 people visited Jeju from other Asian countries
  • 16,402 people visited Jeju from other non-Asian countries

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