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Searching for dragons at Yongduam Rock

A visit to Jeju City’s dragon-shaped rock formation.

Jeju City

If you’re looking for something to visit while staying in Jeju City, then Yongduam Rock (also known as Dragon Head Rock) could be for you.

The rock formation is in the center of the city and it’s on a stretch of coastal road that packed with restaurants and cafes. Read on to learn all you need to know about visiting the journey.

Yongduam Rock: Quick guide

Yongduam Rock is a rock formation on the coast of Jeju City that is shaped like a dragon’s head. Check the picture above, I reckon if you squint and use your imagination you can just about make it out 😉

While the rock formation is the area’s main attraction, there are other things to see nearby. There’s a road that goes along the coast and the area is a good place to get views of the famous volcanic black rock coast that makes up much of the island’s circumference.

And while the coast is on one side of the road, the other is filled with restaurants, cafes, and shops to explore. Meanwhile, if you head east from Yongduam Rock, you’ll come to Yongyeon Bridge, a suspension bridge over a river that gets lit up at night.

Getting to Yongduam Rock

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One of the biggest reasons to visit Yongduam Rock is its location. It’s on the coast in the city and very close to the airport. It’s around 2km from the Tapdong area of Jeju, which is a popular place to stay in the city and has many of the island’s big hotels.

Parking is also super easy. There’s a big car park situated very close to the rock. You’ll have to pay to park here if you stay over 30 minutes, but at just KRW 1,000 per 30 minutes with a max of KRW 10,000 for the day, it’s pretty cheap and well worth it if you’re renting a car for your stay.

Photo: Parking fees as of October 2022

Yongduam address: Jeju-do, Jeju-si, Yongduam-gil 15

Exploring the area

When you exit the car park you travel through a small path with a few stalls selling snacks and Jeju mandarins. There’s also a souvenir shop and a large restaurant selling a sliced raw fish dish called hoe.

Photo: Ice cream, snacks, and Jeju mandarins being sold outside Yongduam

When you exit this path, you’re brought pretty much straight to Yongduam Rock. Head down the steps to see the rock from above. From this angle, it doesn’t look much like a dragon, but you get a nice view of the coast.

You can also walk around 20 meters west where you’ll find another path with views of the rock from lower down. This is my favorite view as seeing it from this angle makes the dragon seem more dramatic. These paths are also a cool way to see the volcanic rock cliffs that line much of Jeju’s coast.

Photo: Can you make out the dragon head shape?

From here you have a couple of options. Follow the road out west along the coast for views of the sea or grab some food in one of the many restaurants or cafes. There are tons of seafood and especially hoe (sliced raw fish) restaurants along this stretch of coast.

The hoe set menus are one of my favorite Jeju-eating experiences. You choose the type of fish you want and they bring it out on a platter alongside plenty of side dishes which you wash down with beer or soju. Whether you go while visiting Yongduam or not, it’s certainly an experience I’d recommend.

You’ll also find a Starbucks a few hundred meters from Yongduam Rock, and Cafe Antoinette, a bakery and cafe with coastal views and even some outdoor seating.

This area is also home to an absolutely huge Jeju souvenir shop. It’s stretched out over 2 floors and has all kinds of Jeju-related goods, from candles to stationery, snacks, alcohol, and more.

This stretch of road is part of Jeju Olle Trail 17, meaning you can follow it pretty much all the way around the island. This particular section ends at Dodubong Peak, a 61-meter-high oreum that is around 7.4km along the coast from Yongduam Rock.

The road is also part of the Jeju Fantasy Bike Path that goes all the way around the island. You can tell due to the blue line on the road.

If at Yongduam Rock you turned west to go back towards the city, you’ll soon come across Yongyeon Bridge. This is a suspension bridge with views over a particularly cliffy part of Jeju City. I went in the day but at night the bridge gets lit up, making it a fun place to take some pictures.

The from the bridge over the valley is quite nice too, and you’d never guess that this was part of the city.

Photo: The view from Yongyeon Bridge

Yongduam Rock further details

Admission fee: Yongduam Rock is free to visit

Opening hours: You can visit Yongduam Rock at any time

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