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Songaksan Mountain: Easy hike and my favorite Jeju view

A beautiful and very popular spot.

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Songaksan Mountain

Jeju is full of hills and mountains with beautiful views. Songaksan Mountain is certainly one of my favorites.

Situated on the far southwest side of Jeju, the flatness of the hill’s surrounding area means you get spectacular views out over Sanbangsan Mountain, Jeju Island’s south coast, and even to Hallasan Mountain on a clear day.

This article will tell you all you need to know about Songaksan Mountain. As it’s one of my favorite spots, I’ve been plenty of times since moving to Jeju. But the information and images all come from my most recent visit in October 2023.

About Songaksan Mountain ⛰️

Songaksan Mountain’s peak rises 104 meters above sea level. There’s a path up to the summit where you’ll get views of the crater and the surrounding area. There’s also a path that circumnavigates the hill along the coast. The path connects to Olle Trail 10 if you want to continue your walk.

Getting to Songaksan

Songaksan Mountain is situated on the south-westerly point of Jeju Island. It’s just a short drive from the hotels at Jeju Shinhwa World making it a must-visit place if you’re staying in this area.

There are also buses from both Jeju City (with a transfer) and Seogwipo City or you can drive from both these areas in under an hour.

While remote, it’s well-worth spending some time in this area of Jeju during your trip as it’s also home to Sanbangsan Mountain and the cliffs at Yeongmori Coast.

If you choose to drive, be aware that while there is a parking lot, it’s often full. As you can see in the image below, people often park on the road close to the mountain’s entrance, which is what we ended up doing on our most recent trip.

Photo: Spectacular views of Sangbangsan Mountain and Hallasan Mountain

Songaksan Mountain is a relaxing hike with beautiful views

Photo: Songaksan Mountain trail entrance

Once you park your car you’ll notice a convenience store, Starbucks, and a couple of restaurants. Then there’s a short walk west to the entrance of the mountain which is signified by the stone below.

From here, you start on the Songaksan Mountain trail that circumnavigates the mountain. It’s well paved and wide making it easy to walk on. We took a pushchair and had no problems getting it around this section of path.

This early section of the trail is also home to home of my favorite views on Jeju. Look out to the east and on a clear day you’ll get clear views of Sanbangsan Mountain, the coast, and Hallasan Mountain in the distance. We were lucky as when we went the weather was super clear meaning we could see as far as the summit of Hallasan.

Photo: One of my favorite views on Jeju

The other highlights of this section of path are the cave trenches built by the Imperial Japanese Military between 1943 and 1945. They’re still very well defined and while you can’t enter them, you can peer inside.

At the end of this path the road splits in two. One trail follows the coast, while the other heads into Songaksan. Take the latter path and you’ll soon arrive at the beginning of the short path to the mountain’s summit. You can see how it looks in the Soengaksan Mountain trail map below.

Songaksan Mountain trail map

The path to the top is short but steep with stairs in places. It only takes between five and ten minutes to reach the summit.

From here, you get views out over the surrounding area. Look west to see Sanbangsan and Hallasan Mountains as shown in the image below.

Look out to sea to see the distinctive flat shape of Gapado Island just off Jeju’s coast. You’ll also get clear views down into the crater at the peak’s summit.

Photo: Gapa-do island, it’s possible to get a ferry to visit

Once you’ve finished enjoying the views, it’s time to head down again! There’s a second path from the top which takes you down the south side of the mountain. It’s a steep path but there are stairs to take you all the way to the bottom.

Here you can look back up at the peak and consider how much steeper it looks from up close.

Photo: The walk looks much steeper from the bottom!

At the bottom of the path to the summit, you can continue your walk around the mountain. The highlight is the viewing area at the southernmost point that offers views out over Gapado and Marado Islands.

Where to go after visiting Songaksan Mountain?

As mentioned above, Songaksan is about as far away from Jeju City and Seogwipo City as you can get. But, it’s still well worth the journey as there is plenty to see nearby. Here are some of the highlights.

Sanbangsan Mountain

Sanbangsan Mountain is a 395-meter-high tuff lava cone that rises dramatically out of this section of Jeju. You can see it from Songaksan Mountain and many of the images in this article feature it. You can’t hike up to the top, but you can visit Bomunsa and Sanbangsa Temples which are home to a giant Buddah statue. There is a path up to Sanbangsan Grotto, a cave around half way up the mountain that has beautiful views over the island.

Address: Jeju-do, Seogwipo-si, Andeok-myeon, Sagye-ri San 16

Find out more about Sanbangsan Mountain

Yeongmeori Coast

The stunning Yongmeori Coast is a remarkable layered cliff formation located just in front of Sanbangsan Mountain. This picturesque spot offers a short and delightful stroll, making it perfect for capturing memorable photos with the cliffs as your backdrop. Be sure to plan your visit carefully, as access to the area is restricted when the tide rises above the rocks.

Address: Jeju-do, Seogwipo-si, Andeokmyeon, Agye-ri 112-3

Dansan Mountain

Dansan Mountain (also known as Bagumji Oreum) is far less popular than the two spots above, but it’s one of my favorite oreum thanks to its distinctive and long shape that is said to look like a boat and stands out thanks to the exceptional flatness of the surrounding area. The climb to the top is around 1km and steep but the views out over the surrounding area are incredible.

Address: Jeju-do, Seogwipo-si, Daejeong-eup, Inseong-ri 21-6

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