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Sarabong Park: Enjoying a fun hike in Jeju City

Beautiful views on the coast of Jeju city.

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You don’t often think about hiking when you visit a city. But Sarabong Park is a super fun walk in the center of Jeju City that offers superb views of the surrounding city, coast, and Hallasan Mountain in the center of Jeju.

Sarabong Park is home to Sarabong Peak, a 143-meter-high peak situated on the coast of Jeju’s old town. There’s a path to the top where you can enjoy views out over the ocean to the north and Jeju City to the east.

Perhaps my favorite think about Sarabong Park is that it also includes Byeoldo-bong Peak. Situated just east of Sarabong Peak, this hill has a slightly more rugged path with a circular route that offers spectacular views of the city and island, as well as of the cliffs on the coast.

Read on to discover more about my most recent journey to Sarabong and Byeoldo-bong Peaks in the guide below.

Getting to Sarabong Park

Sarabong Peak is in the center of old Jeju City (Gu Jeju). It’s super easy to get to for anyone staying in Jeju City, especially if your hotel is in the popular coastal area around Tapdong.

From Tapdong it’s a 10-minute taxi ride or a 40-minute walk. As both Sarabong Park and Tapdong are on Jeju’s network of Olle Trails, you can simply follow the signs to find your way from one location to the other. Look for the blue and red ties like in the image below.

Alternatively, it’s a 25 to 35-minute bus journey from Jeju Bus Terminal. Jump on the 1111 express bus for the fastest route, or the 335 or 336 for a slightly longer one. You can always use Kakao Maps to see the relevant buses or just ask in the bus terminal.

If you’re considering visiting by car, you’ll be happy to know that there’s also a car park. If it’s full, you’ll also see people parking along the road near the car park, which is what I did when I visited.

See more about Sarabong Park’s location in the map below.

Hiking two peaks in one morning at Sarabong Park

Once you leave the car park you’ll see a clear road that takes you north towards Sarabong Park. Walk along here for 100 meters or so until you reach the entrance.

At this point, you have two options: turn west to head up Sarabong Peak or east to head up Byeoldo-bong Peak. Both are fairly short walks, so my top tip is to do both in one go. The total distance of the trail is only 4.16km so even considering the climbs it shouldn’t take longer than a couple of hours even if you’re a slow walker.

Hiking Byeoldo-bong Peak

Last time I went to Sarabong Park, I started with Byeoldo-bong Oreum. I prefer this path as it’s slightly more rugged than the one up Sarabong Peak. It’s also circular, and you get beautiful views at both the oreum summit and the coastal side of the hill.

The path starts with an incline up the hill. This section includes some steps. While I said it’s more rugged than Sarabong Peak, which is a tarmac road, the trail on Byeoldo-bong Oreum is still really well-maintained and easy to walk on as you can see in the image below.

The walk to the summit is just a few hundred meters so it doesn’t take long. And when you reach the top you’re rewarded with beautiful views of the coast, Hallasan Mountain, and the east side of Jeju City.

You can also look back down the direction you came for views of Sarabong Peak. Keep an eye out for the temple on the side of the hill.

Once you’re finished enjoying the views, head east down the stairs. When you hit the bottom, look for the path that takes you back around the north side of the oreum next to the coast.

This section starts by being covered with trees but soon opens up to beautiful views of the coastal side of the mountain. There are even some benches you can sit on to relax and enjoy the views.

Keep following this path around and you’ll end up back at the entrance. Now you can choose to head up Sarabong Peak!

Walking up Sarabong Peak for views of Shin Jeju

The walk up Sarabong Peak is relatively steep. But it’s short and on a completely tarmacked path so is still pretty easy. There’s not much to see on the way up as the path is surrounded by trees.

When you’ll get to the top you’ll notice plenty of exercise equipment. Now’s the time to bust out some push ups if you’ve been filling up on too much tasty Jeju food.

The trees mean you don’t get much of a view initially. But if you head up the pagoda at the peak’s summit, you’ll be above tree level so can see some spectacular views out over Shin Jeju City.

The large building you can see in the image below is Jeju Dream Tower, which is located in the center of Nohyeong-dong.

Once you’ve enjoyed the view you can head back down the hill. Like Byeoldo-bong Peak, Sarabong Peak is also a circular route.

The highlight of the coastal section of the trail is Sarabong Lighthouse: a large white lighthouse with views of the coast. This is also home to a cafe where you can grab a drink and enjoy it while sitting inside or outside.

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Climb Halla Arboretum

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