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Halla Arboretum: Travel tips and what to see

A natural oasis on the edge of Jeju City.

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View from Halla Arboretum

Halla Arboretum is one of my absolute favorite places on Jeju. It’s a natural oasis on the edge of Shin Jeju that is focused around Gwangi Oreum.

It’s the easiest way for people staying or living in the Shin Jeju area of Jeju City to explore Jeju’s nature. What’s more, from the top of the oreum you get beautiful views out over Jeju City and the sea to the north, and Hallasan Mountain to the south.

Read on to find out more about the area, including hiking information and a look at the popular Halla Arboretum Night Market.

Hiking in Halla Arboretum

View of Jeju City from Halla Arboretum
Photo: View of Jeju City, including Jeju Dream Tower, From Halla Arboretum

Hiking in Halla Arboretum has much in common with many of Jeju’s oreum—the name given to the 360 or so hills that dot the island. This means it’s a relatively short hike to the top, but what it lacks in distance it makes up for in steepness. The good news is the path to the top is super well-defined so it’s easy enough to make the journey to the top—no hiking boots required.

The route to the top is mostly covered in forest. This is perfect for staying cool in winter. But don’t worry, there’s a viewpoint at the top so you can see out over the rest of the island. On the way up, keep an eye our for the various plants and flowers that line the path as well as the small herd of deer that call the area home.

Deer at Halla Arboretum
Photo: Deer grazing at Halla Arboretum

The path is a round trip and once you get back to the bottom be sure to check out the indoor orchid exhibition hall which is home to orchids, and plenty of other plant species.

Other Jeju City Hikes 🥾

Who said you need to leave the city to explore Jeju’s nature? Here are some convenient spots to explore if you’re staying in the city.

Sarabong Peak and Byeoldobong Peak: These are two oreum in Gu-Jeju, the old part of Jeju city. They’re located next to each other on the coast and offer great views of this part of town.

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Min Oreum: Min Oreum is located close to Halla Arboretum, although the entrance is on the other side of Shin Jeju. It’s a short but steep (even for an oreum) hike that offers views out over the city.

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Olle Trail 17 and 18: Olle Trails are the coastal walking paths that circumnavigate the island. Olle Trails 17 goes through the east part of Jeju City, including Sarabong and Byeoldobong. Olle Trail 18 starts just after Sarabong and takes hikers past Yongdam Coastal Road and into Oedo.

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Halla Arboretum Night Market

Consider visiting Halla Arboretum in the late afternoon to ensure your trip coincides with a visit to Halla Arboretum Night Market. Here you’ll find plenty of stalls that sell everything from souvenirs to delicious food that you can eat outside in the forest seating.

In terms of food, look out for fried pork sandwiches, deep-fried shrimp and squid, and more. The night market opens at 6 p.m. every day and in winter offers tented seating so you can stay warm.

If you visit at night, you can also check out the Halla Sumokwon Theme Park, which is basically a short trail with eye-catching light sculptures that make for unique photo opportunities.

Where to next?

As mentioned, Halla Arboretum is situated on the edge of Shin Jeju. This makes it easy to access any of the area’s main attractions. Here are some of the most notable spots close by.

Nexon Computer Museum

Nexon Computer Museum is a fun museum that showcases the development of computers, from their early beginnings to the latest technology. It has plenty of real examples of early computers, and the highlight of the museum is the interactive exhibits that allow visitors to experience different versions of the technology. What’s more, the museum entrance is just 1km from Halla Arboretum.

Kakao Maps | Museum homepage

Jeju Museum of Art

Jeju Museum of Art is an art gallery showcasing work from Jeju and beyond. It has a permanent exhibition hall as well as changing exhibitions featuring work from Korea and abroad. The gallery is in an artfully-designed building on the outskirts of Jeju. The museum is located 3km north of Halla Arboretum.

Kakao Maps | Museum homepage

Downtown Shin Jeju

Halla Arboretum is situated on the edge of Shin Jeju and is a short bus or taxi ride from the center of town. Here you’ll be able to access the area’s restaurants, shopping, cafes and more.

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