About Inside Jeju

Hello, and welcome to Inside Jeju!

Inside Jeju was created by me, Duncan Elder. I am originally from the U.K. but have lived on Jeju since 2011. I’m a digital marketer in my day job, and it’s this unique set of skills and experiences that lead me to creating a website all about the place I now call home.

The goal of Inside Jeju is to help people coming to the island plan their perfect trip. I created the website after realizing that much of the information that already existed was either hard to navigate or clearly written by people who had minimal or zero experience with the island.

All the recommendations are for places I have direct experience with, and all the photos are those I have taken myself. When I feature a location, I try to provide a fuller overview of the attraction and the surrounding area, so you have a deeper experience during your trip to the island.

I always love hearing from readers, so if you have questions, feedback, or anything else you want to say, please get in touch via the contact button below!